Colts Coaching in Place

The Colts coaching nightmare is over, and it looks as if it’s better off than before.



The whole Josh McDaniels debacle is over, and the Frank Reich era has begun.

Last Tuesday, the Colts announced the hire of Josh McDaniels and started bringing in his assistant coaches like, new defensive coordinator, Matt Eberflus.

That’s when McDaniels was approached by Robert Kraft(and maybe promised something like a head coaching job) and decided to back out to stay in New England. Ballard, working quickly on his feet, got a short interview list of Reich, Leslie Frazier, and Dan Cambell, and went to work. Just less than 120 hours after McDaniels spurned the Colts, they officially hired former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich. Colts fans, needing more proof, had the Colts send out a picture of Reich holding up Sunday’s newspaper with Jim Irsay.

The support for Reich was amazing. Reich actually started his coaching career in Indianapolis as an assistant to Tony Dungy and Bill Polian. He worked with Peyton Manning as his quarterbacks coach. On social media the support for this hire was tremendous:

  • Tony Dungy commented that “The Colts are in great hands. #Integrity”
  • Carson Wentz “Indy, you got a great one!”
  • Doug Pederson “Frank is a tremendous coach and very deserving of this opportunity.”
  • Peyton Manning “I am excited that Frank will be the new head coach of the Colts.”


As I said earlier, when the Colts agreed to terms with McDaniels, they brought in a number of his assistants. One of those assistants, Matt Eberflus, was brought in and signed to be the next defensive coordinator. The Colts have decided to honor their contract and keep Eberflus on the staff. When asked about it during his press conference, Reich said that Eberflus is a “home run” hire for the organization. He also said “That’s part of the reason I love this organization. I love the integrity.” With Eberflus, he is going to switch to the 4-3 defense, which will make the Colts defense more like the defense from Tony Dungy’s era.


With the head coach hired, and defensive coordinator already brought in, Ballard and Reich went to work on finding a new offensive coordinator. After a short time(about a day), they landed their guy. Nick Sirianni, former Chargers wide receiver coach, was hired as the offensive coordinator. Back when Reich worked for the Chargers, Sirianni actually took over his quarterback coach spot when Reich became offensive coordinator for the Chargers.


Frank Reich was introduced at Lucas Oil Stadium today with a press conference. This is where he introduced himself and his views on what to make with the team, as well as answering some questions from the media.

When introducing himself, Reich expressed his four pillars to what he wants to bring to this team.

  • Toughness
  • Disciplined
  • Prepared
  • United

He says he wants this team to be “The toughest mentally/physically, (will have a) relentless pursuit to get better every day (and an) obsession with finishing strong.” Also talked about his vision with Chris Ballard, “Every person matters. Every detail matters in building a championship culture.”

When asked about the rumor that Reich didn’t want to do any interviews during the playoffs, Reich responded that he talked to his agent. “I’m going dark. I’m focused on the task at hand and that’s to help our team win playoff games, and (win) the Super Bowl.” He also mentioned that meant no texts, and no calls.

Speaking of interviews, Reich said he did not talk to his agent about asking for an interview, instead said “I hope they call us.”

When asked about Luck, Reich says that “Chris gave the update last week, that’s the update I got and that’s all I needed.”

When asked about the play calling, Reich said that he plans to do all the play calling. Says that the offense will be “multiple, attack, up-tempo offense. Will be aggressive. No huddle.”

Of course, the Barstool Heartland media member that attended(in jorts mind you), Pat Mcafee himself had a great question. He first asked about how he was going to make Andrew Luck “magical” when he returns, but had a better follow up question, “Do you hate or love Josh McDaniels for what happened?” Reich responded, “This is a team game as great as he is, and I think he is the best, but I just came off of a team where we lost our star quarterback and we still won the Super Bowl. This game is not built on any one player. As far as the second question, the backup role has suited me well in my career.”

Overall, I think this is a great hire for the Colts. Like the previous few head coaches for the Colts (Dungy, Caldwell, Pagano), Reich is one of the “good guys.” He is very highly regarded with all the people that he has worked with. He also has done wonders with that Eagles offense. He won the Super Bowl(against the Patriots) with a backup quarterback. With him talking about switching to doing more no huddle offense, I really loved hearing that. Andrew Luck did great the few times the offense ran a no huddle/hurry up offense. He also wants to focus on the running game, which is huge and would take off a load from Luck’s shoulders.

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