Colts get played by a snake, Patriots, can still get last laugh.

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What Just Happened?

Perhaps this is the Patriots way of getting the Colts back for catching them cheating in the “deflategate” debacle, or perhaps this is just a coward that couldn’t bare to upset Uncle Kraft and Daddy Belichek.  Whatever the reasoning, the Indianapolis Colts were played by the New England Patriots on Tuesday evening, and are left standing at the alter with egg all over their faces.

The Colts had agreed to terms with Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots and immature punk/snake/coward/bad person, reportedly weeks ago, had hired assistants that McDaniels hand picked, and had announced a press conference to take placed Wednesday where they would introduce the snake as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.  Instead, after the announcement, McDaniels backed out of the deal to stay in New England.

McDaniels was actually clearing out his office in New England when owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichek (also a snake) apparently were able to convince him to stay.  McDaniels apparently was too weak to tell them that he was leaving, and Kraft was able to sweeten his contract enough to allow him to remain the coordinator for the Patriots.  There are reports that McDaniels is essentially a coach in waiting for the Patriots job once Belichek retires.

The Fallout:

Regardless, this decision has a number of consequences and blowback for both parties.  The Colts must move forward and find the right coach.  Josh McDaniels probably doesn’t have  single friend now outside of New England.  There are coaches in place here, hand picked by Josh, that moved their families across the country, left jobs for him, and now they are in a place where they don’t know if they have a current job or not.  That is all on Josh.

Coincidentally this has happened before.  At the press conference in which the New York Jets were to announce their new head coach Bill Belichek, he scribbled on a napkin that he was resigning as the coach of the Jets, and joined the Patriots only days later.  The rest is history.

There is a movie in the works here and the New England Patriots are playing the part as the evil masterminds: Darth Vader, the Joker, Neegan, whatever comparison you can come up with and dammit they are good at it.

So perhaps Bill Belichek sees himself as Neegan, and McDaniels was Lucille all along (fitting for the tool that he is), however rather than being a finishing blow to the Colts, Chris Ballard is determined, as he said on Wednesday, “obstacles are what make this league great” and that, “we will hire the right person for the job”, and will get this organization back to where it is suppose to be.

What’s Next:

The Indianapolis Colts dodged a bullet in a way on Tuesday because of McDaniels choice to back out.  Ballard has made it very clear that he wants a coach who is “100% committed and all in”, which clearly Josh was not.

Now the Colts must move forward, and go down the list of remaining candidates that Chris Ballard has on his short list.  Ballard says he has a list and a process he is going to stick to, and that he will stick to that and find the right guy for the job and for the city.

The Colts MUST find the right guy, otherwise this situation gets even worse.  That is the only way for them to get the last laugh here.  Whether that means Irsay must get out his checkbook to get Harbaugh or Saban out of the college game, or if it is a new, up and coming hot candidate, only time will tell.

The Rivalry appears to be even more alive than in recent years now, and the Colts will go up to New England next season with some bad blood.

Other Notes:

  • Chris Ballard stated that he did not try to persuade McDaniels one bit and said that when Josh called, he simply asked if he was in or not, didn’t want to listen to his reasons.
  • Ballard provided an update on Andrew Luck, saying he does not need surgery and is in a “good place”
    • Luck is training in California, working on his throwing motion and arm speed


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