A look into the future…

Photo by Joe Ulrich

With Indiana fans settling into watching the Hoosiers learn on the go so to speak, and high schools across the country kicking off their basketball seasons, I’d like to take a quick look into the future and see how it relates to coach Miller’s system.

While some of that future is on this very team, a lot of it has yet to reach campus.  De’Ron Davis is an anchor in the middle and will only improve with longer and more athletic players around him.  Which brings me to mention the four already signed recruits that will be arriving on campus in early 2018.

Jake Forrester, a 3-Star 6’8” Forward/Center from Westtown, PA. is known for his athleticism, his energy, and his effort.  Which I think we can all see are things that coach Miller demands out of his players.  Jakes senior season kicks off on Dec. 2nd, so no games to report on thus far this season.

Jerome Hunter, a 4-Star 6’8” Forward from Pinkerington, OH. is also known for his athleticism, but is best known for being a knockdown shooter with a quick release, whether it be off the dribble, or the catch, and that can’t be left open.  If/when, he adds the ability to attack the basket and finish through contact, the sky is the limit for Jerome.  Pinkerington North High kicks off their season on Nov. 24th, so once again, no reports thus far on his senior season.

Damezi Anderson, a 4-Star 6’7” Forward/Guard from South Bend, IN. is an athletic shooter with good length.  That athleticism and length will help him on both ends of the floor, but at this point, he his best known as someone who can flat out shoot the basketball and can shoot it from deep.  His South Bend Riley high school kicked off their season on Nov. 21st. with an easy 89-38 win over LaPorte while being led by Anderson’s 35pt. night, including 8 out of 9 on 3-pointers.

Rob Phinisee, a 4-Star 6’0” Point Guard from Lafayette, IN. is an athletic, true point guard that knows how to run a team and be an extension of the coach out on the floor.  He’s above average quickness wise, a good passer with excellent vision, can get to the basket, but can also knock down shots from deep, and gets after opponents on the defensive end as well.  In other words, he fits the Archie Miller mold of a point guard to a T.  His McCutcheon High senior season kicked off on Nov. 22nd. with a 61-60 win over West Lafayette High.  Phinisee led the way with 36pts. 7rebs. and 6 assists…including a contested dunk, if there was any doubt about his athleticism.

Romeo Langford, a 5-Star 6’5” Shooting Guard from New Albany, IN.  And yes, I’m fully aware that Romeo will be waiting to sign with his college choice in April, but IU is in his final 3 choices, and it doesn’t hurt to dream a little.  Langford is an athletic, do everything, unassuming player.  He is the rare star that just plays the game.  He can score at all three levels, and even in high school, has shown a willingness to play defense (which isn’t always the case with stars).  New Albany kicked off their season with a 110-36 win over Charlestown.  Romeo led the way with a school record 48pts. on an “off shooting night” according to his coach.

It’s easy to see why the excitement in Bloomington is starting to amp up.  The current team is starting to get “it.”  Coach Miller’s toughness is starting rub off on the players.  And as much as I used to hate this phrase, I’ll use it here…help is on the way!

If you get a chance to get out and see one of these recruits games this year, do so.  And also, wear your IU gear.  I travel and watch recruits every year, and they really enjoy and appreciate the support being there for them before they actually ever step on campus.