Colts Saved By The Leg of Adam Vinatieri in OT Win Vs 49ers: What we learned


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, Adam Vinatieri kicks a game winning 51 yard field goal.  The 22 year veteran kicker, known also as the GOAT, displayed his poise that has made him into a future hall of famer with his 27th career game winning field goal, and his 11th in overtime.

How it went down:

This was an ugly game, however, it actually had some pretty good moments for the Colts.  The run defense was impressive, the offensive line was decent early, and T.Y. Hilton showed out, then there was another kick from Adam Vinatieri.

Unfortunately, the reason that the Colts needed Vinatieri’s leg in the first place was due to yet another collapse in the 4th quarter.  The Colts were leading the (0-5)  San Francisco 49ers by 14 midway through the 4th quarter before Brian Hoyer and the 49ers shredded the Colts defense through the air, and scoring to tie it up with just 20 seconds to go.

The Colts were fortunate enough to win the toss in overtime, and quickly drove it into a scoring situation before Jacoby Brissett stared down his target and through an interception in the end zone, allowing the 49ers to have a chance at winning in overtime with just a field goal.  The Colts defense stiffened, and were able to get the ball back to Brissett and the offense with a just enough time to get into field goal range thanks to a Marlon Mack run.  The rest was history as the GOAT knocked through yet another game winner, saving the Colts from an embarrassment and yet another collapse in what has been a tough season so far for the boys in blue.



  • T.Y. Hilton showed up, despite a major drop.  The Colts leading receiver had another monster day on Sunday, catching 7 passes for 170+ yards, good enough to put him in 3rd so far this season among NFL leaders.  It appears that the Colts offense goes as T.Y. Hilton goes.  In the 2 wins, Hilton has 330 yards and a touchdown.  In the 3 losses, only 130 yards on 10 receptions.
  • Marlon Mack showed his speed multiple times, leading the Colts with 91 yards rushing on 9 carries, 1 touchdown and nearly had another.  Mack carried the Colts rushing attack, bouncing outside and providing a spark that the team has not had out of the backfield in nearly a decade.  Coach Pagano said on Monday that we can expect to see his role expanded in the weeks to come.
  • The defense continues its late game woes: Through 5 games this season, the Colts defense has been hit or miss.  In the first 3 quarters of games, the defense is allowing 14 points per game.  In the 4th quarter alone, they are allowing 14 points.  What is leading to the collapses?  Recently it has been a combination of being unable to generate a pass rush late, as well as not being able to hold up in coverage.  These two things are as related as Andrew Luck injuries and the offensive line Grigs built.  I’m interested to look and see how many blitzes the team is calling, as I’m starting to wonder if it is a trust thing with the coaches in the young secondary.  It appears that they are going conservative and playing a soft zone, which is allowing qb’s to simply pick apart the secondary and in particular the middle of the field.


Some things we learned:

  • Jabaal Sheard continues to be impressive off the edge, and is appearing to be a great signing by Ballard.  He is currently leading the team with 2.5 sacks, and has 14 solo stops.
  • Bench Spoke to Ass, which spoke to head for Moncrief
    • Kamar Aiken was getting the nod for Moncrief for most of the game, however when the Colts called on him in key situations last Sunday, Moncrief did not disappoint.  He converted 2 crucial late 1st downs.  Credit to him.
  • The coaching staff still doesn’t know what it is doing:
    • Did you see that “trick play” the Colts set up… That could have been an even bigger embarrassment than the notorious fake punt vs New England.  How about going wildcat with Frank Gore.
    • They continue to treat Marlon Mack like Frank Gore, luckily he can create plays on his own.  STOP RUNNING HIM INTO THE BOX AND GET THE MAN IN SPACE
  • Jacoby Brissett has some “stones”
    • Leading a team down the field after making a monumental mistake takes some serious cahones.  I’m more impressed that the young fella was able to bounce back after what could have been his 2nd game ending interception in overtime in as many chances.  Instead, when he got the ball back, he led them down the field for a victory.
  • We are going to sorely miss the GOAT
    • Do not underestimate his importance.  Watch another team and you will see struggles and frustration in the kicking department.  Not here.  Adam has been as great as he could have been.  Setting records, kicking game winners, saving our asses time and time again.  Thank you sir.
  • The Manning trophy looks much better in person
    • I didn’t go downtown Saturday, instead I waiting until Sunday to see the monument devoted to #18.  On tv, it looked kind of silly.  In person, it is a great piece in front of a beautiful building.  I was impressed.