Indianapolis Colts Open the Season in Embarrassing Fashion, losing to Rams 46-9

Photo: Jeffrey Beall


On Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles, the Indianapolis Colts opened the 2017 season in a way that will hopefully soon be forgotten.  The L.A. Rams jumped out to an early 10-0 lead, and never looked back.  Demolishing the Colts by a final score of 46-9, and I’m not sure it was even that close.  It was the 2nd worse loss in head coach Chuck Pagano’s 6 year career with the Colts, behind on the 39 point beat down to the New England Patriots, and the most points the Indianapolis Colts had ever allowed in a season opener in the long history of the franchise.  It was also the 2nd straight time that the Rams had beaten the Colts by more than 30 points, and Pagano’s 6th loss by more than 30 points.

How it Happened:

From the word go, things were a mess for the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.  On the first possession, cornerback T.J. Green got the start despite never playing the position in a game previously, and gave up a long reception to Robert Woods which led to a field goal.  The Colts responded by Scott Tolzien throwing a pick 6 on a severely under thrown football to T.Y. Hilton on 3rd down, quickly 10-0 Rams.  On the very next possession, the Colts had an impressive which eventually led to the first blunder of the season for Chuck Pagano.  Marlon Mack clearly broke the goal line and stayed in bounds on a good catch and run, but rather than even waiting for a replay and potential challenge, Pagano rushed the offense to the line of scrimmage in an effort to catch the Rams asleep (… I know..).  Instead of catching the Rams sleeping, it was the Colts who were caught off guard, losing yards on two consecutive run plays with Mack, and nearly throwing an interception on 3rd down.  Settling for a field goal.

That was the end of the positives for the Colts until late in the game, as the Rams eventually built up a 39-3 lead, including another pick 6 of Scott Tolzien on another weak ass throw to the sideline before the Colts inserted Jacoby Brisset.  Brisset’s first pass was just a ho-hum a 50 yard completion to Donte Moncrief, and the drive ended in the first touchdown of the year for the Colts.  This is setting up a huge controversy and lots of questioning to the Colts front office and head coach as the quarterback situation is quickly reminding people of how bad the 2011 season was in which the Colts were awarded the #1 overall pick after going 2-14.

Head Coach Chuck Pagano acknowledged that the qb situation will be looked at, as well as everything else on the roster, however it may already to too late to make decisions as the team has already pissed away a game vs one of the worst teams in the league, and they did so in as embarrassing of fashion as I can ever remember.  The Colts were unable to convert on a 3rd down, completed only 11 passes the entire game, and gave up 4 sacks on only 28 drop backs.  Even the ultra-reliable Adam Vinieteri had a Sunday to forget, missing 2 field goals and an extra point.

So What’s Next:

The Colts will quickly have to rebound, because next Sunday a highly potent offense is coming into Lucas Oil Stadium, and the Colts fans are already chomping at the bit to riot in the streets as this team looks even more incompetent than last season.  If the Colts get off to a slow start yet again, and get run out of the stadium, the scene will get ugly.

Head Coach Chuck Pagano can’t have that if he wants his job, and GM Chris Ballard will have to make a move because it’s also creating questions swirling him and his first ever draft class and free agent acquistions.  It took until mop up duty for many of Ballard’s young players to find the field, whether that is Pagano or because the youngsters can’t play is still up in the air and I will analyze that later this week when I watch film.  But I’m looking right at Ballard when I’m asking why the first 3 draft picks couldn’t find the field on Sunday until late in the game.  That’s unacceptable.

We will dive into the film this week and break down what was a painful game for all of us to watch on Sunday, and it was extremely disappointing to see just how badly the Colts competed.  Be sure to follow along with us as we watch and analyze every aspect and develop a game plan for the Cardinals game in a much needed bounce back for not only the players, but the head coach and front office as well.