Patience. Patience. Patience when it comes to Andrew Luck

Photo Credit: Angie Six


Saturday was the day that the Indianapolis Colts report to training camp for the 2017 season. From Vonate Davis pulling up in a slick slingshot to TY Hilton showing up with a silver backpack that says “TY” in all caps, the local media were focused on the quarterback that wears number 12. I believe he goes by the name Andrew Luck. Back in January, Luck had offseason surgery to repair a damaged right labrum (which is located in the shoulder). Many believe that this injury lingered around for a couple years but it seemingly got worse towards the end of the 2016 season. But did that stop Luck? Not really. Luck had a great season and some would argue that was his best year in his career. Luck completed 63.5% of his passes for 4,240 yards with 31 TD’s and 13 INT’s, which yields to a QBR of 96.4. Like PFF? I do. PFF calculated Luck’s grade and it came out to 92.4 which put him in the top 5 QB’s for the 2016 season. He accomplished all of that with a bummed shoulder? Believe it or not, it happened.  Even though PFF ranked the Colts offensive line 30th in pass protection, The last 4 games of 2016 the Colts offensive line allowed 5 sacks. Pretty encouraging in the eyes of a colts fan.

I have a message for Colts fans that revolves around Andrew and his Shoulder. Be Patient. Andrew Luck getting back to 100% is more important than looking into week 1 right away. Even if Luck misses week one, The Colts have to play the 32nd ranked offense in the league last year (The L.A. Rams). Andrew Luck on his return to Week One, “There isn’t any expectation for me to play when the regular season starts, even though I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”. Just remember Luck has no timetable. Chris Ballard, The Trainers and Luck’s doctor want him to take his time while he is building strength back up in his arm. Chris Ballard on Luck, “Andrew hasn’t had any setbacks while throwing”.

I don’t expect Andrew to have any setbacks while he is throwing. He has thrown for almost two weeks now, and I think it’s possible for him to return in week one. If he doesn’t play week one, I am not going to be worried about it and neither should you. Pay attention to the offensive line, the rookies and the whole defensive unit for the next few weeks. I am more interested to see how those guys develop.


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