The Pacers should target Jonathon Simmons


According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Jonathon Simmons is meeting with several teams, and is not guaranteed to return to the Spurs.

This leaves an opportunity for the Pacers who are starting the rebuilding process to go and get wing help in replacing Paul George.  In today’s nba, a team cannot have to many wing players who can play on both ends of the court, which is exactly Simmons’s game.


Last season with the Spurs, Simmons average 6 points in only 17 minutes. With more playing time,  he could become a very important bench piece for the Pacers, and become a valuable defender against the better small forwards in the league.

Simmons has a lot of room for growth, and must continue to do so, especially in shooting the 3 ball (29%) last season.


For now, Jonathon Simmons is a free agent we believe the Pacers should take a look at to fill a big need on the bench .  He would add  size and length that is needed for any good bench. He would be a younger and cheaper asset to sign to a mid term deal, and has a lot of room for growth.


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