Can Lance Stephenson get Paul George to Stay?

If you were following social media yesterday, you probably saw Lance Stepehenson sending an open message to Paul George on Instagram



After this, the Boston Celtics point guard reacted by telling Lance that Paul is gone, which started a small disagreement between the two.

Reading into it more, I think Lance is working to convince Paul to stay here in Indianapolis, and playing for the Pacers.  I would say the possibility of this happening are very small, considering the events of the past few weeks, and how the news got out and was received by fans locally.

It does make sense for Lance to make the effort though, as his only real success in the NBA has been in Indiana, alongside Paul George.

The Paul George drama rolls on, and there seems to be more and more headlines each day as it unfolds.  We will continue to keep you updated with all the Paul George news here, as well as any other Pacers news.

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